India has emerged as a prominent player in the specialty coffee industry, renowned for its unique coffee cultivation practices and diverse growing regions. Unlike mass-produced commercial coffee, specialty coffee in India focuses on distinctive flavors, exceptional quality, and ethical farming practices.

The primary coffee-growing regions in India are located in the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. Each region boasts distinct microclimates, altitudes, and soil compositions, contributing to the diversity of coffee profiles. Notably, the Western Ghats mountain range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provides an ideal ecosystem for coffee cultivation, where shade-grown coffee plants thrive harmoniously with the surrounding biodiversity.

Growing Regions
Chikmagalur,Karnataka ; Coorg,Karnataka ; Wayanad,Kerela ; Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu ; Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh
Common Varieties
SL9, Catuai, Chandragiri, Cauvery, SL5B
Processing Methods
Washed, Natural, Honey, Anaerobic natural
Bag Size
30 Kgs
Harvest Period
October - January
Typical Arrival
May - September