David Solano

Concepción Buena Vista is a family owned coffee farm with 100+ years old and 4 generations that had been working and improving the farm over the years. The great grandfather started the farm for survival. The grandfather bought more land and increased the coffee plantation.

Coffee was sold to coyotes and processed as fully washed coffee in dry at patios. The father, Bernardo, studied agronomical engineering and he focused only in coffee. He made a more systematic and well distributed coffee plantation and coffee quality started to increased (+85pts). Sons Eddy and David increased relationship with the community and coffee buyers. They started studying and experimenting with Honey, Natural and Experimental techniques discovering new flavors and textures "hidden " in coffee.

La Joya is the first micro lot at the family farm, Concepción Buena Vista. This is where everything started 4 generations ago. Today the mission is to continue the work with this farm and other special farms in a transparent and innovative way, such as: La Colina, Las Rosas, San Juan and more to come. LA JOYA MEANS THE JEWEL, Part of finding the best ‘joyas’ involves experimentation, innovation, analysis and a lot of studying. That’s why at the farm they have developed a new project: El Sapito Project.

Solano Family
Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon. Red Caturra
Natural & full washed