19 September 2022

#01 Coffee for a cause

How El Sapito community is directed towards an improved quality life by our producing partners, ‘Solano Family’ in Guatemala.

For more than 150 years, the Solano family has dedicated to improve life quality for their community. The farm is located in a small community called El Sapito where they have built over the years a small Church, a school, and a health clinic where people from El Sapito and close communities can use.

La Joya is the first micro lot at the family farm, Concepción Buena Vista. This is where everything started 4 generations ago. Today the mission is to continue the work with this farm and other special farms in a transparent and innovative way, such as: La Colina, Las Rosas, San Juan and more to come.

LA JOYA MEANS THE JEWEL,Part of finding the best “joyas” involves experimentation, innovation, analysis and a lot of studying. That's why at the farm they have developed a new project:

El Sapito Project. This is a stainless-steel tank for coffee maceration where we they can control important variables, such as: temperature, pressure, anaerobic environments and the PH to obtain new flavors and transform raw jewels into new treasures.